Monday – Go karting & Stock car racing

Monday afternoon was spent at the race-track, with the scouts quizzing around the track (and off it!) in go-karts.

After fish and chips on the beach, we returned to the track to watch the pros do it in stock cars – all hitting crazy speeds and smashing against each other on every bend. One car even dia few rolls!

Videos up later hopefully!

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Monday Morning on site

It was a rainy morning on site – it took extra long for breakfast to be cooked, with only one patrol having the foresight to keep some dry wood in their tent!

inspection and a quiz followed, with the rain forcing footy to be postponed!

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The sea is actually pretty cold (surprise!)

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Camp on Sunday

We’ve settled into camp already, and the scouts even cooked their own breakfasts.

we’re off into Douglas to see the Faery Bridge, after our first swim in the sea…

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We made it on to the ferry. scouts are currently running amock, and we have a fun 3hour ferry crossing ahead of us?! 🙂

Hopefully the in-flight film will keep them entertained….

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Traffic jams

traffic jams on the m6! good job we left Marple with plenty of time to sit around in our minibuses in the hot sun!

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Video test

Video test.


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Faff sorted

All the forms have been filled, so it’s just a matter of packing the van and making it to the ferry on time.

I think….!

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And so it begins

Have we left it too late to sort the blog?

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