Team photo!

Team photo. What a team!

And our PL’s show off their trifle… beautiful!

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Saturday – back in the UK

We’ve moved back into UK waters which means getting the Internet back instead of having to roam the streets of the isle of man for wi-fi!

We were reasonably quick in taking camp down, with most of the kit getting packed in the van as it went dark. The scouts were all sleeping in one big mess tent, which allowed for a quick get-away but meant that some scouts spent the night jumping around excitedly in their sleeping bags rather than sleeping!

We were up at 6.30 for an early ferry, and made check-in with enough time to spare to allow us to cook up some bacon sambos whilst in the queue 🙂

Lunch in Morecambe and then back in time for a 3 o clock finish (hopefully!)

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VIP breakfast!

The top-scoring patrol of each day earn the reward of being our VIP patrol the next day, getting first go at everything, dibs on the food, and getting a ‘lucky dip’ red-letter money-can’t buy experience.

Here’s the Kirk Michael patrol enjoying their much appreciated lie-in and gourmet breakfast, served by the leaders!

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Friday – Kipper Factory

After some last-minute present shopping we headed into Peel. Unfortunately the wind was too strong for our planned sailing trip to spot sharks, but the scouts seemed happy enough with a tour round the Kipper factory. Cue questions such as ‘have you ever smoked a whole cow?’

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Thurs – Coasteering

The scouts are all mega excited about going coasteering!

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Weds – Ramsey and Snaefell

Wednesday was spent in Ramsey. After a lazy morning on site we headed north to find better beaches, and a venue for our Beach Olympics.

Lynam’s Kirk Michael patrol won overall to net 10 points in the patrol competition, which made them second in the comp. Robert Roberts’ patrol currently hold the lead (and the yellow jersey).

We cooked our dinner on embers, and then headed up to the summit of Snaefell by electric railway. A slow walk home as the sun set got the scouts well in the mood for a campfire.

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Hey! Apologies for the lack of updates, but the IoM doesn’t have much by way of wireless Internet yet. But then, they still have horse-drawn trams as part of the public transport system, so…

We’ll keep you posted as and when we can!

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Camp bank!

Camp bank withdrawals!

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Beach BBQ

Beach Barbecue! Burgers, Kebabs, Marshmallows and a healthy Explorer Juice-bar, mixed with stone towers and followed by songs in the sunset!

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Tuesday – camp ovens

With Father Woodmas dropping off presents overnight, the scouts had an easier time making Woodmas Cakes for breakfast.

We made sure they’d all been washed at inspection, but weren’t sure that we believed their claims of brushing their teeth – to make sure they’d brushed them at least once since Saturday we had a team toothbrushing!

The leaders beat the scouts at longball before pizzas and muffins made in our homemade camp ovens. yummy!

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